We are Daniel and Joshua, composers and sound designers from Singapore.



I am a reformed self-loather of my audio interests. Sometimes, I wish audio were better understood and valued. Usually, I love it precisely because of its arcane, under-the-radar power. Audiences hear sound but are rarely conscious of its emotional effect.

Q. What animal noise is sometimes blended in to make onscreen cars feel super feral?

Q. That brutal beach landing in Saving Private Ryan? Can you recall the music that was playing?

Q. Which cannibal film has the most ironic and wonderful score? How many cannibal films have you seen anyway? More importantly, what other ironic scores do you like?

Nostalgic scores: Ultima, Monkey Island, Sonic

Recent scores: Banner Saga II, Mini Metro, Overwatch

Film sound: A Quiet Place, WALL-E

Game sound: Inside, Castle Wolfenstein, Overwatch


Josh defies drummer jokes by being that good—at writing, singing and producing, too. He has impeccable taste in musical sound design and elegant polyrhythms. He has also scored a feature film we can’t yet talk about, and shall write something about himself shortly.